Xenos – Ongewoon weken

It’s always fun to make sounds for a commercial like this. The story is inspired by a fairytale, so we wanted to add a little bit of magic into the mix. We combined different recordings of vases, glasses and bells for this magical touch. https://vimeo.com/763408959https://vimeo.com/763408892 Xenos – Ongewoon weken Commercial Unusual is the opposite of […]

STIJL – Inspiratievideo

https://vimeo.com/763404848 The sleek style of these cabinets asks for a designed and abstract approach of sound design. We used the 0-Coast synthesizer to create most of the sounds. It’s a great tool for snappy and organic sounding percussive elements.  To complement the sound design, composer Daan Duijf made a soundtrack that feels very modern and […]

Xenos – Tafelen

https://vimeo.com/693147031 There are three different groups in this story: the yellow cup, the white cups and plates and the new colorful cups and plates. We gave them distinct sound characteristics: the white cups sounding very light and the new cups and plates much deeper and darker. Our smallest cup falls nicely in between, being the […]

Orangefit – Clear Protein

https://vimeo.com/735780713 Filling a glass of water when you’re thirsty feels great. The first sip and the immediate refreshment feels even better. We used the sound of waterfalls, creeks, rivers and the ocean to reach the same level of refreshment, just by watching (and hearing) this advert.  Orangefit Clear Protein One of the best things in […]