How would it sound when we try to push big things in tiny things? That is the main question we asked ourselves. It has to sound big and obviously failing.

The solution: a big juicy-sausage-in-a-bun-sound, a smashing-ball-on-a-basket-sound and an approaching-train-in-a-tiny-hole-sound.

The music gives the brand its character and gives structure to the story. A quirky electric organ underlines the tongue-in-cheek vibe, while solid drums underline the ‘bigger is better’ statements. When we see the product, we hear a happy, quirky theme on tiny, tiny flutes, adding 110% ironic quality.

BNN Spuiten & Slikken

Bigger ain't Better

The Bigger ain’t Better condoms commercial is created for BNN as a cheeky celebration of the 10th anniversary of infamous Dutch TV show Spuiten&Slikken.

Bigger ain’t Better condoms, a tailored fit for our smaller friends.

Client: BNN
Concept, Props & Art director: Studio Mals
DoP, Editor & Color grading: The Bache
Production: Shop Around
Music & Sound design: Elephant Ears