For the launch of this electric tool carrier they wanted to create a big buzz, because it is the first one in the world.

We Elephants know how to make a big impression, so we went big and created this epic electrifying music and powerful sound effects.

Royal Reesink

Reco eTrac

Royal Reesink is a well known equipement distributor for agriculture, logistic warehousing and the construction industry. There is a growing demand for for an emission free tool carrier. So they developed the fully electric tool carrier Reco eTrac.

Client: Royal Reesink
Agency: KLCK
Director: Raphaël ter Maat & Marco Espinosa
DoP: Raphaël ter Maat
Producers: Onur Üçüncü & Max Meijer
Sound design & Music: Elephant Ears & Gerwin Weidenaar