Sound concept Spoorwegmuseum
For this ‘case’, we designed an intricate chain reaction in sound, consisting of typical Dutch railway elements. We used an eclectic mix of train-like trumpets and stomping rhythms to really transport the viewer to a different place. The mechanical movements had to sound grotesque, but miniature at the same time. Challenge accepted!

Sound concept Techlab quiz
When we’re asked to design sound in such a way that it hints to classic vintage TV-quizzes, we don’t hold back – even more so when there’s also lots of mechanical sounds involved. We used old school techniques together with modern pacing to create this playful design.



The Spoorwegmuseum is the national railway museum and they say it’s the nicest museum of the Netherlands. It is a combination of a museum and a theme park. And what better way to show this than with a suitcase: the symbol of traveling and a container of mystery.

Techlab XL quiz
Welcome to the Spoorwegmuseum Techlab Quiz! Which wheel will be the fastest? The rubber racing wheels on asphalt? Train wheels on rails? Or wooden wheels on dirt?

Client: Spoorwegmuseum Utrecht
Concept & Production: United Enterprise
Music & Sound design: Elephant Ears