Utrechts Landschap is a series of portraits about three individuals who have a special connection with the landscape in the Utrecht province, and we used sound to translate this connection to the viewer.

We hear how the characters in these films would experience the sounds around them. Take the windmill: the creaking and moaning of the wood, the scraping of the millstone, the banging of the slipper. To be in charge of a running windmill has to feel great and that’s exactly what we wanted to achieve with our design.

Utrechts Landschap


Elephants take care of their environment, so that’s why we were eager to work on this project. Utrechts Landschap is an organization which protects natural reserves in the province of Utrecht.

Together with BLIK film we made a serie of films which portraits different people and show their individual connection with the landscape.

Client: Stichting Het Utrechts Landschap
Concept & Production: Blik Film
Music & Sound design: Elephant Ears