AION Bank – All Inclusive Banking This commercial is lit. We pulled out everything we have to make this commercial feel on fire. Starting with a small flame and ending with a massive pile of burning money. We created fire in all forms and shapes. AION Bank All Inclusive Banking Stop wasting money, start making money. AION Bank is a […]

Zomerparkfeest – Festival teaser For Zomerparkfeest Venlo we designed sounds that represented the words being shown in the animation. This wasn’t always easy: what sound would you use for the word ‘last-minute-pekske’? Exactly. Zomerparkfeest Festival Teaser You probably didn’t think this video would start with the words ‘forest fruit tea’. But then again, you also didn’t expect the […]

Royal Reesink – Reco eTrac For the launch of this electric tool carrier they wanted to create a big buzz, because it is the first one in the world. We Elephants know how to make a big impression, so we went big and created this epic electrifying music and powerful sound effects. Royal Reesink Reco eTrac Royal Reesink is […]

Fonds voor Cultuur – We blijven bezig As people create culture together, we wanted to do the same with the music. All the elements are human sounds and together they create a rhythm. Fonds voor Cultuur We Blijven Bezig 6,4 million people are cultural active in the Netherlands. Everybody is touched or formed by culture and everybody is contributing to […]

Dierenbescherming – Chip je kat In this animation we follow Daantje. She gets lost on her daily walk outside. We thought it would be nice if we could use sound design instead of music to tell the emotional story. We designed different sounds to portray the different situations we come across in this commercial. For example birds for the […]

REV’IT! – Scorpio REV’IT is well known for its high standards and innovative designs. The one-piece suit undergoes a range of intensive tests to ensure the safety of the driver. It is designed to perfection and handcrafted in Italy. So we had to set the bar high for our self on this one. The film starts by […]

Ziggo – Buikschuifbaan Ajax had a great football season last year. Edwin van de Sar is thinking about the joy he had with his friend Marc Overmars. We emphasized that feeling in sound by enhancing the stadium crowds while Marc was doing his ‘buikschuiver’. Ziggo Buikschuifbaan The legendary goalkeeper Edwin van de Sar is thinking about a […]

KLM – The sound of a century 100 years living in the same city is long. The world around you has changed a lot throughout the years. In the sound design we emphasized the busy city of New York and create quiet moments to wander and go out with a gospel bang. KLM The sound of a century A true story […]

Samsung – Father A city like Rotterdam is the perfect playground for freerunners like Bart. When you do what you love, you tend to forget about your surroundings, so we designed a very diffuse auditory image of the city to match this feeling. We wanted to highlight the concrete jungle we are in, without laying too much […]

Jumbo – Online boodschappen PSV Because the PSV football players were showing their skills, we also had to show our skills. We had lots of fun designing this campagne with 808 kicks and recording some football sounds. Jumbo Online boodschappen – PSV These football stars from PSV are showing their skills in and around the stadium in Eindhoven […]