Even the sound design for ‘Klik 2017’ is an homage to those iconic sounds we all remember from the old cartoons we grew up with.
We had an absolute blast rewatching some of our favourite cartoons, this time paying close attention to the original sound design.

Klik 2017

Festival teaser

Take a trip down memory lane with this leader of the KLIK Amsterdam Animation Festival. In honor of this years theme, Never Grow Up, we worked on a nostalgic homage to shows and films many of us grew up with. The main character Klikbert the klikker runs through all these different classics.

Client: KLIK Amsterdam Animation festival
Storyboard & direction: KLOMP! Animation
Animation: Studio Plumeau, Colorbleed, Kasper Werther, Kabo Lam, Hilde Buiter and many more
Music: Jochem Weierink
Sound design & Mix: Elephant Ears