Patta brought street culture to the Netherlands. The style of the streets played a big role back then, and still is a great influence on Patta. 

The street is not only a place where people move, it’s a place where people meet and interact. One busy, noisy street might seem like chaos to one, to another the same street feels like home. With this in mind we very carefully designed the sounds of the streets to match the atmosphere of the narrative. Amsterdam has to feel like home to the Amsterdam-based team of Patta. It’s a crowded place, but it’s peaceful. You hear birds, traffic, sirenes, people, every sound has it’s own place.

Later in the documentary we are visiting Tokyo. A large city, full of chances for the Patta team. It’s crowded, noisy, but exciting. We reflected these feelings in the soundscape of the city by creating a big bed of atmospherical sounds like traffic and people and highlighting certain sounds that are important for the narrative. By doing this, we are creating focus in a chaotic soundscape.

Patta for life


Patta is one of the most biggest in the world of sneakers and street fashion.

Founded by friends Edson Sabajo and Guillaume ‘Gee’ Schmidt, united through their love for sneakers and hip hop. We follow them in their journey of ups and downs to show the world that Patta is the best at what they do: supporting street culture all over the world.

The documentary Patta for Life is available for streaming on Videoland.

Client: Patta
Distributor: Videoland
Director: Ebru Baskin
Production: Goodville, Rikash Gobardhan
Music: Panch Buddha, City Lights & Guido Beeldstroo
Sound design & Mix: Elephant Ears