We were asked to recreate the sound design of famous scenes from Once Upon a Time in the West and Inception, but with a twist. That meant we got to work on our first ever Hollywood fighting scene and the most famous Western scene!

NPO Radio 4

Week van de filmmuziek

We say it all the time: sound is half of the experience of a movie. And music plays a very big role in this experience! Who doesn’t know the music of Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer or John Williams?

Every year NPO Radio 4 organises the ‘Week van de filmmuziek’. Listeners can vote on their favourite soundtrack and the best songs are played during the Filmmuziek top 50!

Client: NPO Radio 4
Concept & DOP: Rocket Stories
Director: Jurjen Dijkstra
Sound design & mix: Elephant Ears
Special thanks to Christian van Duuren