Memories shape our identity and those memories are often just a picture, a feeling or a smell. We wanted to capture that feeling in the sound design for this film.

The huge build up in the music pulls you in and the calm sound design interacts with the images. Just enough to give you the desire to go on a new adventure or at least go back to that memory.


Short film

We all struggle with identity. What makes me, me? And perhaps the answer is so complicated our minds cannot wrap themselves around it. L’anima (the Soul) doesn’t has an answer. It answers the question with another question. L’anima muses on how possibly identity is partly made up of the places we have been.

If only we could raise our hands as the untitled protagonist does in l’anima and be whisked away to a place we used to call home. A distant memory.

Agency: Kuub Creative Agency
Director: Michaël van Kraalingen
Poem & Voice: Donatella Gasparro
Model: Michelle Thijsen
DoP: Fernando Barrientos
Editor: Zoey van der Heijden
Sound design & Mix: Elephant Ears