Working on this has been an adventure on its own! The beautiful handmade cardboard scenes allowed us to tell a story using only sound.

Apart from panning from left to right, the scenes on itself are quite static. We designed a soundtrack full of movement to create a contrast between image and sound design, which helps to leave room for your own imagination. For example the second scene, where the image only shows a girl with a goat, standing next to a food stall. The sound design makes you believe that it is actually very busy with people shouting to each other, music blasting from someones apartment, cars and mopeds making their way through bad traffic.

Bibliotheek AanZet

Birthday card

To some, spending time at the library might sound boring. But it’s quite the opposite! The libraries of de AanZet are a place to learn, discover, experience and meet.

Whatever you’re going to experience today, don’t forget to bring the confetti!

Just like last year, we got to work on the animation for AanZet that celebrates the birthday of their members.

Client: Bibliotheek AanZet
Concept & Production: Colored Goods, Hein Lagerweij
Sound design: Elephant Ears