The documentary ‘Maar dan in het klein’ tells the story about forensic investigator Natascha. Using miniatures and dioramas the film gives an inside look into her world as a forensic investigator.

Using special probe lenses and tilt-shift lenses we enter Natascha’s world and get to experience her job. By adding sound design to these scenes we make her vision and story come alive.


Maar dan in het klein - Trailer


How to deal with the gruesome scenes you come across as a forensic investigator? How to perform at your job when you’re being confronted with death every day?

Natascha found a way to deal with her job through her hobby building miniature scenes. But even during building these miniatures her job plays a role. Is it because she likes her job that much? Or could it be that it’s a way to deal with the things she sees?

Regie en camera: Jasper van Leeningen
Montage: Efin de Landmeter en Jasper van Leeningen
Muziek: JP Geersing
Setgeluid: Bram van Kaauwen
Regie assistent en tweede camera: Engel Mulder
Sound design: Lars van Leeuwen
Audio nabewerking: Misja van Waterschoot
Color grading: Marco van Bergen


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