There are three different groups in this story: the yellow cup, the white cups and plates and the new colorful cups and plates. We gave them distinct sound characteristics: the white cups sounding very light and the new cups and plates much deeper and darker. Our smallest cup falls nicely in between, being the bridge between old and new.

We also wanted the cups and plates to sound like they were having a conversation with eachother and as such didn’t really put the focus on the individual sounds the cups and plates would be making. Much like you also don’t hear the individual words coming from someones mouth when observing a group from a distance.



Embracing differences brings extra color to life! In this commercial for Xenos we follow a small, out of the ordinary looking cup evolve from feeling left out to feeling right at home when a new set of cups and plates arrive from Xenos.

Client: Xenos
Agency: Artbox Amsterdam
Music: Lennert Busch
Sound design & Mix: Elephant Ears