Van Eck Racing – Portrait

Going full speed on a bike in the forest is a thrilling experience. The sounds of the wind rushing by, the wheels racing over different surfaces and the birds on the background. These are some of the sounds we used to sculpt the soundtrack. Van Eck Racing Portrait For this portrait about Jeroen van Eck […]

Wall #4 – Short film This whole film is taking place in the cinema. And there is not one but two films playing. The one you are watching and the one the audience is watching. This gives us as sound designers the opportunity to play with mixed realities. Great fun! The genres of the films are begging us to […]

l’Anima – Short film Memories shape our identity and those memories are often just a picture, a feeling or a smell. We wanted to capture that feeling in the sound design for this film. The huge build up in the music pulls you in and the calm sound design interacts with the images. Just enough to give you […]

Close Distance – Short film

The biggest challenge in sound design for this film was designing the sound of the environment. People are working, communicating and moving through the set. Production sound set up an ambisonics mic to record the ambiance of the actual shooting of the film, so we had quite a lot of material to work with. We […]

The Other Side of Sadness – Short film Dealing with the passing of a loved one can be a very intense experience. Different feelings and thoughts come and go, almost like waves. You can feel disconnected from the outside world as time seems to stand still, however the world outside continues with it’s daily business. We used the concept of waves as […]

Tussentijd – Short film

The biggest part of the film takes place in an area not bigger than two square meter, which gives a huge sense of intimacy. We want to pull the viewer into the car and let them sit between the two characters, so we over-exaggerate every sound the characters make: sounds you would normally edit out […]

On Top of the World – Short film

On Top of the World tells the story of finding the ultimate high. It’s about doing what you love – and in the case of these men that includes doing backflips from a massive crane into the ocean. Our goal is to let the viewer experience the same rush as the athletes are feeling when […]