Orangefit – Clear Protein

Filling a glass of water when you’re thirsty feels great. The first sip and the immediate refreshment feels even better. We used the sound of waterfalls, creeks, rivers and the ocean to reach the same level of refreshment, just by watching (and hearing) this advert. Orangefit Clear Protein One of the best things in life […]

Xenos – Tafelen There are three different groups in this story: the yellow cup, the white cups and plates and the new colorful cups and plates. We gave them distinct sound characteristics: the white cups sounding very light and the new cups and plates much deeper and darker. Our smallest cup falls nicely in between, being the […]

Kinderboekenweek – Campaign 2021 While the main character is reading his book, the whole room comes alive. Powered by his fantasies, a small train or submarine can suddenly become very big and real. We made everything sound larger than life to convey this feeling of having wild fantasies and forgetting the real world around you. Kinderboekenweek Campaign 2021 […]

BOM – Catalysing change The challenge was to create a sound design that sounds dreamy and technical at the same time. Our solution was to let the music provide the dreamy character and highlight all the technical and futuristic components in the video with subtle but unique sound effects. BOM Catalysing change Good ideas create energy. They make […]

NOC NSF – Sport laat van zich horen Our goal was to let the viewer feel and hear the energy that is given by sports. As a professional, an amateur or as a spectator. Sports can give you goosebumps, it can give you tears. That emotion and joy was our inspiration to get this beautiful project to the finish line. NOC NSF […]

Ritex – Liebe das Gefühl How does love sound? We looked for delicate and sensual sounds that evoke certain emotions or have a symbolic value. Sounds that create a romantic setting, butterflies in your stomach, your head in the cloud, dreaming away. But also the awkward moments, the insecurity of being too pushy or getting rejected. All to celebrate […]

Kingfish – A fish like no other Sound recipe– Take some cinematic whooshes.– Mix with stylized and custom-recorded knife sounds.– Add salt and pepper for extra structure.– Sprinkle with drops of water drenched in reverb for some extra freshness.– Grill on high heat until fully cooked and serve immediately! Kingfish A Fish like no Other The Dutch company Kingfish Zeeland […]

NPO Radio 4 – Week van de filmmuziek We were asked to recreate the sound design of famous scenes from Once Upon a Time in the West and Inception, but with a twist. That meant we got to work on our first ever Hollywood fighting scene and the most famous Western scene! NPO Radio 4 Week van de filmmuziek We say it […]

AION Bank – All Inclusive Banking This commercial is lit. We pulled out everything we have to make this commercial feel on fire. Starting with a small flame and ending with a massive pile of burning money. We created fire in all forms and shapes. AION Bank All Inclusive Banking Stop wasting money, start making money. AION Bank is a […]

Zomerparkfeest – Festival teaser For Zomerparkfeest Venlo we designed sounds that represented the words being shown in the animation. This wasn’t always easy: what sound would you use for the word ‘last-minute-pekske’? Exactly. Zomerparkfeest Festival Teaser You probably didn’t think this video would start with the words ‘forest fruit tea’. But then again, you also didn’t expect the […]