A city like Rotterdam is the perfect playground for freerunners like Bart. When you do what you love, you tend to forget about your surroundings, so we designed a very diffuse auditory image of the city to match this feeling. We wanted to highlight the concrete jungle we are in, without laying too much emphasis on the little sonic details.

The overall flow of the sound design is very smooth and organic, until we are seeing Bart working in the gym to get back in shape. It feels almost mechanic and we’re following that with sound design.



What if you had to choose between your dreams and your family?

This short documentary is about the amazing story of Bart van der Linden prior to the 2016 Red Bull Art of Motion championships.

Starring: Bart van der Linden
Client: Samsung
Agency: IMA Influencer Marketing Agency
Director & Producer: Jurian Gravett
DoP: Tomas van Harten
Lighting & 1st AC: Michel Kasper
Music: Bob Thole
Sound design & Mix: Elephant Ears