This whole film is taking place in the cinema. And there is not one but two films playing. The one you are watching and the one the audience is watching. This gives us as sound designers the opportunity to play with mixed realities. Great fun!

The genres of the films are begging us to use some cliches in not only the music, but also in sound design and mix. We know what’s in our toolbox and we’re not afraid to use it!

Wall #4

Short Film

A fun night out with your friends, going to the movies. Fully prepared with a drink and a large box of popcorn. What could possible go wrong?

Cast: Bert Hana, Florence Vos Weeda, Anton de Bies, Daniël Kolf
Director: Lucas Camps
DoP: Danny Noordanus
Editor & Color grading: Max Vonk
Music: Roy Bemelmans
Sound design & foley: Elephant Ears
Mixing studio: Firma HelleWillemstein


  • Best Short Film at Oldenburg International Film Festival in Germany 2021
  • Selection Gouden Kalf Competition at the Dutch Film Festival in the Netherlands 2021
  • Selection at Fantastic Fest in Texas, USA 2021