Every video shows a pretty over the top way to shake your Orangina bottle and rely heavily on the sound design: the Orangina bottle is not just a bottle in these videos. The bottles are turned into characters – we have made them come alive with sound. The Orangina bottle consists of glass, liquid and a metal cap. These three elements create the sound character in every video.

Oranjebitter Festival 2016


For Orangina we created the sound design for the ‘Shake of the Month‘ campaign. 12 unique and quirky short films for their international social networks that show inventive ways to shake the pulp in your Orangina bottle.

Client: Orangina
Concept, Props & Art director: Studio Mals
DoP, Editor & Color grading: The Bache
Production: Shop Around
Sound design: Elephant Ears


  • ADCN award for Craft/animation 2016


What we do

Sound design​

We create custom sound design for all kinds of media: from film to animation. We create our own sounds using synthesizers, foley and audio libraries.

Audio post-production

We edit, process and mix all individual sound elements into a well-balanced mix that meets the technical specifications your medium requires.


Whether you’re looking for a custom made track or a stock option: our herd has the best solution for your musical needs.

Voice over

In our studio in Hilversum we have the right tools to record your voice-over.


Elephant Ears is an audio post-production studio with Big Ears for Sound.

Our herd is specialized in sound design, audio post-production and music for films, documentaries, commercials and animation. With ears for detail and a trunk for story we have the ability to design an experience where image and sound bond together and create true immersion.

Sounds good right?

Lars van Leeuwen
Sound Designer

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