For Senz, we created a stormy composition and thundering sound design, starting calm and athmospheric and building up to a heavy climax, voicing the feel of a rain storm.

The sound design consists of a combination of organic and abstract sounds, to give a modern feel, and still have the characteristics of the natural elements. We combined classical and modern instruments to convey the innovative yet classic character of the product.

Senz° Umbrellas

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The Netherlands is known for it’s windmills, wooden shoes, bad weather and innovative designs. Senz° combined those last two and came up with a pretty neat idea: They developed the famous storm umbrella which can withstand even the biggest Elephant sneeze thanks to its asymmetrical design.

Client: Senz°
Concept & Art director: XYZ Branding Agency
DoP, Editor & Color grading: The Bache
Music & Sound design: Elephant Ears