REV’IT is well known for its high standards and innovative designs. The one-piece suit undergoes a range of intensive tests to ensure the safety of the driver. It is designed to perfection and handcrafted in Italy. So we had to set the bar high for our self on this one.

The film starts by showing the quality and care of the design process. We added in extra textures like leather to pull the viewer really close to the material that’s being used in the Scorpio one-piece suit. The next part shows the manufacturing of the suit where different machines are involved. This is where we wanted to give the film a more high tech feeling, making use of effects layered with mechanical sounds. The third part is where the MotoGP rider Danilo Petrucci shows how the suit performs on the track. The challenge here was to boost the energy level and work our way up towards the reveal of the Scorpio one-piece suit. To design the sound of the engine, we layered recordings of the actual engine with other sounds, like explosions, wind and flamethrowers!



The new Scorpio one-piece suit from REV’IT gives you the real MotoGP experience.

With high tech innovation, clever design and safety as a top priority, REV’IT has come up with a one-piece suit that is a fully descendent from the MotoGP rider suits. Well tested in this campaign by Danilo Petrucci.

Client: REV’IT
Agency: Signe+studio
Director: Edwin van der Sande
Art Director: Sven Signe den Hartogh
DoP: Steijn Leijzer
Racetrack Cinematography: Phlewid Films
Editor: Johannes de Jong
Colorgrading: Nikolai Swartz
Sound design & Music: Elephant Ears & byRaven