On Top of the World tells the story of finding the ultimate high. It’s about doing what you love – and in the case of these men that includes doing backflips from a massive crane into the ocean.

Our goal is to let the viewer experience the same rush as the athletes are feeling when they are on top of the world.

“Life should be loved, to the point of tears.”

Sound layers
The sound for ‘On Top of the world’ consists of different layers. Every layer has its own unique characteristics like highlighting specific elements or creating a particular feeling or emotion. For example, with foley sounds we can zoom in on the characters and their movements.

All these layers together can sound really crowded, so everything needs to be mixed. It is a though decision making process to balance the sound layers well, and create a story in sound.

On top of the World

Short film

On Top of the World is a short film about exploring the ultimate euphoric emotion. Goosebumps, or even absolute tears of joy. Where do these feelings come from? Can we pro-actively search and even find them?

11 individuals were invited to join on an adventure through 5 different countries with entirely different landscapes and cultures. They were challenged to search for these extraordinary moments and their discoveries have been documented.

Director: Jurian Gravett
DoP: Serhan Meewisse
Music composer: Bob Thole
Music engineer: Dennis Krijnen
Music recording assistant: Luuk Gerritsen
Sound design & Mix: Elephant Ears