Wortell – Recruitment campaign

https://vimeo.com/678118900 These classic games are not only known for their great gameplay, their classic sound design also played a big role in making these game popular. Who doesn’t know the theme song of Mario? Or the beeps and boops from PacMan? It’s interesting to notice that the way the progammers were limited by the technical […]

Zomerparkfeest – Festival teaser

https://vimeo.com/505170435 For Zomerparkfeest Venlo we designed sounds that represented the words being shown in the animation. This wasn’t always easy: what sound would you use for the word ‘last-minute-pekske’? Exactly. Zomerparkfeest Festival Teaser You probably didn’t think this video would start with the words ‘forest fruit tea’. But then again, you also didn’t expect the […]

Dierenbescherming – Chip je kat

https://vimeo.com/423145292 In this animation we follow Daantje. She gets lost on her daily walk outside. We thought it would be nice if we could use sound design instead of music to tell the emotional story. We designed different sounds to portray the different situations we come across in this commercial. For example birds for the […]

Bibliotheek AanZet – Birthday card

https://vimeo.com/398540751 Working on this has been an adventure on its own! The beautiful handmade cardboard scenes allowed us to tell a story using only sound. Apart from panning from left to right, the scenes on itself are quite static. We designed a soundtrack full of movement to create a contrast between image and sound design, […]

Bibliotheek Zuid-Kennemerland – Birthday card

https://vimeo.com/328177099 Everyone knows the scary bedtime stories from their childhood. You couldn’t sleep and thought there was a monster living underneath your bed. That was the exact feeling we wanted to provoke with the sound design. We used party elements like balloons and turned it into something scary. Bibliotheek Zuid-Kennemerland Birthday card What is the […]

Prorail – BTD planner

https://vimeo.com/250761406 Our job was to let people experience the difference between the old and new planning system for the Dutch railroads. We designed sound and music that leads you from the dripping basements and outdated machinery of yore, to an uncluttered and bright future. Prorail – BTD planner Explainer It’s getting busy on the railroads […]