Maar dan in het klein – Trailer

The documentary ‘Maar dan in het klein’ tells the story about forensic investigator Natascha. Using miniatures and dioramas the film gives an inside look into her world as a forensic investigator. Using special probe lenses and tilt-shift lenses we enter Natascha’s world and get to experience her job. By adding sound design to these scenes […]

Van Eck Racing – Portrait

Going full speed on a bike in the forest is a thrilling experience. The sounds of the wind rushing by, the wheels racing over different surfaces and the birds on the background. These are some of the sounds we used to sculpt the soundtrack. Van Eck Racing Portrait For this portrait about Jeroen van Eck […]

Patta for Life – Documentary

Patta brought street culture to the Netherlands. The style of the streets played a big role back then, and still is a great influence on Patta. The street is not only a place where people move, it’s a place where people meet and interact. One busy, noisy street might seem like chaos to one, to […]

Dear Skin – Documentary We wanted to create a character of the skin in sound. All the skin touching moments are really delicate. By exaggerating the sound of it, you get really close to Tessa. You can almost feel it yourself. Dear Skin Documentary In a letter to her skin, Tessa Schiethart speaks to her body about the […]

NTR: New Generation – Ebba Åsman Ebba is not only influenced by a lot of jazz artists, but also through her environment. Especially the busy ‘Middellandstraat in Rotterdam where she lives. So the busy streets and the greatness of the big city Rotterdam had to play a role in the sound design for this documentary. NTR: New Generation Ebba Åsman […]

Samsung – Father A city like Rotterdam is the perfect playground for freerunners like Bart. When you do what you love, you tend to forget about your surroundings, so we designed a very diffuse auditory image of the city to match this feeling. We wanted to highlight the concrete jungle we are in, without laying too much […]

The Other Side of Sadness – Short film Dealing with the passing of a loved one can be a very intense experience. Different feelings and thoughts come and go, almost like waves. You can feel disconnected from the outside world as time seems to stand still, however the world outside continues with it’s daily business. We used the concept of waves as […]

Nature: All Rights Reserved – Documentary

Sometimes, things aren’t what they seem to be. In Nature: All Rights Reserved, we discover different examples of fake nature. Sometimes, fake nature looks just like the real thing. Untill you zoom in and see the pixels of the actual print. The same goes for the music and sound design in this film. It is […]


What we do

Sound design​

We create custom sound design for all kinds of media: from film to animation. We create our own sounds using synthesizers, foley and audio libraries.

Audio post-production

We edit, process and mix all individual sound elements into a well-balanced mix that meets the technical specifications your medium requires.


Whether you’re looking for a custom made track or a stock option: our herd has the best solution for your musical needs.

Voice over

In our studio in Hilversum we have the right tools to record your voice-over.


Elephant Ears is an audio post-production studio with Big Ears for Sound.

Our herd is specialized in sound design, audio post-production and music for films, documentaries, commercials and animation. With ears for detail and a trunk for story we have the ability to design an experience where image and sound bond together and create true immersion.

Sounds good right?

Lars van Leeuwen
Sound Designer

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